5 Reasons Why Australia Is The Best Place To Vacation In Summers

Australia is a far off and distant country that is not considered by many as a destination for the phillip island melbourne tour but it is the exact opposite. Irrespective of your age, budget the country promises to provide you with an experience of a lifetime. From the weather to its cultural richness, here are 5 reasons why Australia should be top of your list while planning your next summer vacation


The Australian weather is pleasant and sunny weather all year long. The winters get quite cold in the southern part but the northern part of the country remains sunny all year long. This makes it a great place to enjoy a number of activities such as surfing, camping, beach sports during the summers.

 Road Trip Destination

Considering that Australia is itself a whole continent with a total area of 7.69 million square kilometers, it is one of the largest countries on the world map. In addition to this, an advanced road network makes it a perfect destination to enjoy a road trip. There is much to explore in the country, from its wilderness to the small towns. Even a drive along the coast is something you would definitely not regret.

 Wildlife and Nature

While many people consider Australia to be a deserted landscape, they are unaware that a good part of the country is covered with forest. These forests boast unique wildlife which is confined to these forests only. Along with the famous kangaroos, other creatures you would come across are koalas, kookaburras, wombats, cockatoos. Also keeping in mind that Australia has 3.1 people per square kilometer, most of its land is unpopulated hence making it possible that most of the natural beauty of the country is unpreserved.


The coastline of Australia stretches over 35,00 kilometers. With a coastline as such, Australia takes pride in its beaches. It has over 100 beaches along its coastline which are a major tourist attraction in the summers. The pleasant weather and the golden sunshine adds to the beauty of the beaches and makes the experience even more amusing. The most prominent of the beaches is the Bondi Beach in New South Wales which is visited by almost 2.6 million beaches in a year.

Outdoor Activities

Australia is not just a place for young people to visit, it is for all ages. There are outdoor activities for all age groups. Ranging from operas to skydiving, if you are visiting you will not be regretting it. The Blue Mountains of Sydney have various adventure specialists which conduct thrilling activities such as rock climbing, canyoning, and a special course to live in the wildlife for two days. Who wouldn’t like to attend a performance at the Sydney Opera? If you are looking for something more adventurous you can try skydiving or go on hiking on any one of the many nature trails.

Along with all the activities and tourist attractions, Aussies are very welcoming and down-to-earth people who love to entertain the tourists in their country. So if Australia was not a part of your bucket list, now is a good time to add it to the top.