The NSW DOH offers low cost housing to eligible low-Income earners who are permanent residents of Australia. The Department also offers a Rental Assistance Scheme that provides help with bond money, connection fees for services (such as electricity, gas, advance rent, removalist costs).

DOH Parramatta
106-108 Church Street
Parramatta NSW 2150
Ph: 98918111
Website address: www.housing.nsw.gov.au

Community Housing

Community Housing is very similar to public housing and funded by the government. It offers affordable, secure and long-term housing to members of the community who are eligible for its services. The difference between Community Housing and the Department of Housing is that it is managed by nonprofit, community based organisations. Community Housing organisations are managed by committees, which strive to ensure that the organisation is well run and offers a friendly, high quality service to their tenants. You can apply for Community Housing at the same time with your application for DOH accommodation, Community Housing organisations are based in the community and have the local knowledge and understanding that makes them more responsive to their tenants' needs. Community Housing organisations have good links with other community groups which can offer helpful advice and support. For some Community Housing, you, can do the managing yourself as part of a cooperative.
Burwood Area Community Housing Ltd 9747 2437
Cumberland Community Housing 9790 3093
Western Suburbs Housing Co-op Ltd 9896 6399
Women's Housing Company Ltd 9281 1764

Western Sydney Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service (WESTS)
WESTS is a community-based organisation, which provides information and advice regarding rights and obligations to public and private tenants in the. Parramatta area.
WESTS office is located at:
46 Railway Parade Ph: 98916377 (Harris Park) or 9251 6590 (Tenancy hotline) Harris Park NSW 2150

Types of Housing

Share Housing
If you move into share housing you need to understand exactly how much money you have to pay. Make sure you know:
• The amount of the weekly rent
• The amount you have to pay as a bond
• If you have to pay rent in advance
If you have to pay extra money for telephone, electricity and water bills.
• If you have to pay extra money for things like food or cleaning products
If you are asked to sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement in a share house it means you are a co-tenant and must have the responsibilities of a tenant explained above. If you are not asked to sign a lease you are a 'subtenant'. You still have the same rights as other tenants if you are a subtenant.

For more information about your rights and responsibilities in a share house you can contact a tenants advice centre through the community legal centres;

Community Legal Centres
Tel: (02)93182355
Internet: www.nswclc.org.au
Public Housing
Public housing is owned by the government and is rented to people on low incomes. You need to be an Australian citizen or approved person to apply for public housing.
To apply you should fill out an Application for Housing Assistance available at your local Department of Housing office. You may have to wait several years before a house is available for you. If you need accommodation urgently, you can complete an Immediate Housing Assistance form.

To find the closest Department of Housing office, or for more information, contact the Department of Housing:
Tel: 131571 (available 24 hours, 7 days a week)
Internet: www.housing.nsw.gov.au

Community Housing
Community houses are provided for people on low incomes who need secure housing. There are around 50 community housing associations in New South Wales. If you live in community housing you are still covered by the Residential Tenancy Act, but the community housing association may have special rules about how much rent you pay or how the tenancy can be ended.

For more information about community housing you can contact the NSW Federation of Housing Associations:
Tel: (02)9281-7144
Internet: www.communityhousing.org.au/nswfha

For comprehensive information on all types of Housing issues in NSW please visit the following Website address: www.housing.nsw.gov.au