About Us


The Russian Ethnic Community Council of NSW Inc is a voluntary, non-profit making representative organisation incorporated in the State of NSW in 1995.


  • To organise and support charity work among people in need of Russian origin, including pensioners and recent immigrants to NSW through the receipt of the necessary Government grants;
  • To carry out intensive work with adolescents of Russian descent so as to preserve Russian language and traditions, and to pass on our cultural heritage;
  • To preserve and develop Russian Cultural legacy among people of Russian descent and to familiarise the mainstream Australian society with it as well as to foster links between Australia and Russia in social, economic, sporting, educational and cultural spheres.


The Council also provides the following Advisory Information Service to the NSW community and, in particular, to the people of Russian ethnic background:

  • A directory of Russian social organisations such as Clubs, Youth, Cultural & Sporting associations, Charity groups as well as Churches of various denominations as well as a broad listing of the business enterprises such as accredited interpreting services, Travel & Real Estate agencies, Building and Manufacturing businesses;
  • Broadcasting & Media service in Russian, such as Press, Radio and Television as well as the quarterly issue of «News Brief» for the members of the Council (in Russian). This may include advice on the specific Russian community events, such as participation in cultural and historical celebrations, youth camps, organisation of charity Balls and bazaars;
  • Advice to the Government in the form of the size of population of the Russian origin, sampling of the language skills and professional capabilities and to carry out the research of the history of the Russian Immigration to the State of NSW.